... and this is only the beginning!

Scene from the video "SEKT + KAVIAR"

MISTRESS SILVIA, already known from many fetish- movies by has now started her own label. SM Studio Berlin is mainly concerned with sadomasochism with a focus on female dominance and strict training. With that, a long-cherished dream of MISTRESS SILVIA becomes reality, who in addition to her previous performances in the sector of bizarre erotic allows access into her life as a mistress, how it takes place in her sm-domicile.

Scene from the video "GENDER BENDER"

Anal erotic and toilet-slave training are among MISTRESS SILVIA 's favourites, but also several fetish elements will find recognition. Additionally, it is planned to make training methods like corporal punishment, bondage, humiliation, incarceration, torture, dressage etc. a main topic. MISTRESS SILVIA 's exquisitely equipped studio in Berlin with clinic and dungeon offers all possibilities to fulfill even the most unusual fantasies.

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