Mistress Silvia - Exclusive domina from Berlin


Mistress Silvia loves it to bring to heel and use her helpless slaves in many different ways.
Be it, that she as an imperious boot-lady in black leather trains her slave to be a loadable riding animal or devoted lick slave, anxious to satisfy her demands even under the most difficult conditions; be it that as a strict teacher or gouverness in a stylish costume, nylons and high heels gives her naughty pupils a good hiding or straps them onto the whipping bench for a punishment with the cane.

Also shoplifters, voyeurs, disrespectful chauvinists, lazy white collars etc. get their appropriate punishment.

For smaller offences she gives hard slaps in the face and orders to stand in the corner with lowered pants. How embarrassing…
Also in the white sector she is skilled as a doctor and knows masterly how to use catheters, enemas, urethra vibrators, needles, etc. A clinic with gyn chair, rubber-straitjackets etc. are at her disposal for a selective treatment.


Equally she knows excellently how to fix a slave in no time in a way that his weak spots are exposed to her long red nails without protection. He will find himself in the most different bondage positions to serve Mistress Silvia as a rubber-object in multi-layer latex with corset, mask and gag or to be trained an ass fuck slut with strap-on dildo or by fisting.

All utensils for TV-training are available as well, to serve the mistress as maid or whore after a corresponding training.

Her special passion is the use of a slave as ladies’ toilet. The slave is considered to be fully functioning first when golden shower as well as caviar is totally absorbed. After that she might use the slave’s tongue as toilet paper while face-sitting and spur him to top performances by breath reduction and other coercive measures.
The probationer will experience further training methods step by step, until he is fully under control and dependant on the mistress’s goodwill.

Further information about Mistress Silvia is available at www.DominaSilvia.com.


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