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September 2005

In Gender Bender a young slave will be force-feminized and made docile as a rubber-tv-maid.
Bondage, latex discipline, spanking, cropping, corset-training, mouth-spreader, nipple-clamps, anal-stretching, humiliation und impaling with a strap-on-cock are only a few examples of Mistress Silvia’s methods.
The slave has to dress up in feminine latex clothes and is put into rubber briefs with anal plug. Because he tries to resist, he’s bended over Mistress Silvia’s knees and suffers a thorough spanking. Fixed to the suspension hoist he’s then tied into a tight corset and has to walk on high heel boots until he can pace up and down gracefully and sexy. With well-directed crop strokes, accompanied by her malicious laughter, he’s drilled until the Mistress is pleased. As he refuses to lick the rubber butt plug clean, Mistress Silvia forces a mouth spreader into his mouth to make it available at any time. After being nipple-clamped he has to serve his moody Mistress before she starts training the sleight of his tongue with a strap-on-cock and he has to blow and suck it thoroughly. Then she sodomizes him. While suffering painful tit-torture he has to suck her rubber strap-on-cock and jerk off at the same time to learn discipline and obedience. He’s allowed to go off on her bossy command.




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