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September 2010

An Englishman would like to become Domina Silvia’s new slave. To test his limits he has to suffer pain and humiliation. She slaps him when he doesn’t follow her orders properly. Then he gets to know her riding crop, the paddle and the cane. With trampling on his body with her spiky heels she demonstrates her absolute power over him. She ties him to a cross and leaves some severe dark red marks with on his back and ass with her bullwhip. Then he has to serve as a spittoon and as an ashtray and gets more smacks in the face when he forgets to thank her.
He also has to serve Domino Silvia as a maid. She humiliates him by making him wear stockings, boots and a little apron and serve her with a tray which she has chained to his body.
She fills his mouth with her golden champagne and he has to keep it until she’s finished with another caning. He has to undergo a thorough inspection on the gynaecological chair. Domina Silvia stretches his ass and his urethra and fucks her new bitch with a strap-on cock. Finally the slave is tied to a bondage rack and hot wax is dripping on his cock. To test his obedience she jerks him until his cock is hard while she’s sitting comfortably on his face. Finally the slave has to kneel and jerk off in a glass that Domina Silvia has filled up with her spit and champagne already and makes him drink this cocktail.




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