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May 2009

Mistress Silvia’s slave has to undergo a severe punishment because he didn’t notice that a burglar was hiding in the studio and was only discovered by the rubber maid. The burglar is locked up in the cage and has to watch the penalty. He has stolen several personal items of Mistress Silvia and is now overpowered and sternly interrogated with ball kicking and mean verbal abuse. In heavy pain he finally admits everything the Mistress wants to hear. To teach him a lesson, better not to break in the house of a strict Mistress she sits on his face and milks him mercilessly. Mistress Silvia rewards her rubber maid in a very bizarre manner. The maid has to hold a silver tray beneath her Mistress´ ass and collect a piece of caviar which she presses out. The punished slave has to cum on top of the caviar and the maid is permitted to lick it off.




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