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June 2007

Mistress Silvia is training the pain tolerance of her leather slave. While she is riding on his back, she presses her pointed heel into the back of his hand and whips him with a riding crop in the case he twitches. He must swallow the smoked end of her cigarette and has to serve as a target for her bullwhip training.
A masked slave holding a red rose between his teeth waits in front of her studio door.
Cause she only likes white roses she forces him to munch the rose while she beats him with the spiky stem. Then she puts a pig-mask on him and lets him grunt. While she is changing her clothes she orders him to guard the studio. As she returns she recompenses him by spitting chewed scraps onto the ground and letting him lick it off.
She trains him as a blowjob- and fuck-slave, buckles a strap-on, shoves it in his mouth first and then into the ass. He is drilled to cum upon her command.




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