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March 2007

Mistress Silvia trains a toilet-slave. He has to swallow her champagne and inhale her cigarette smoke while she is sitting on the toilet. When she’s finished her business he has to clean her ass with his tongue. Insistently he’s made to become a thorough ass-licker.
Unfortunately he doesn’t meet her requirements and is punished by getting his head shaved. Mistress Silvia fucks him with her strap-on and gives him a second chance to lick her as more accurately. For further directives she chains him to her toilet bowl.

In the rubber clinic doctor Silvia takes care of a masked patient who has to endure several painful examinations. She puts rubber suckers on his nipples, stretches his urethra with a metal vibrator and shoves an inflatable butt-plug up his ass. Repeatedly she controls his breath and reduces the air supply. Finally she milks him forcefully and makes him lick his sperm from her rubber gloves.




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