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June 2006

Scene 1
A pupil is put into Mistress Silvia´s corrective detention class. She begins the lesson with head- banging face slaps and a punishment with a wooden ruler and a leather belt. A forceful caning is supposed to sort him out. After that Mistress Silvia carries out her point and penetrates him with her strap-on dildo. Finally she puts an electric device around his balls to control his ass-licking services.
Scene 2
The classical education of a useless boot-licker will be exercised by Mistress Silvia with slapping, whipping, caning, anal inspection, nipple clamps, golden shower and verbal humiliation. After he has received her strap-on cock, he is ordered to masturbate under her evil glance. As he squirts his juice over her boots, it hails brickbats and face slaps from the Mistress and she forces him to lick up his slime.




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