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May 2006

The young slave-girl is faced in the meanest way to how her boyfriend is trained as an anal whore by Mistress Silvia.
Masked and chained he has to present his butt and have himself fingered. Mistress Silvia decides that he shall be given an enema first. His girlfriend has to watch how he is tortured, humiliated and anally dilated.
In the same way she is fucked into every hole while he has to watch it bound up, and afterwards she is forced to bring the young man to heel together with Mistress Silvia.
He is tied, jacked up and fucked with several different strap-on-dildos while his girlfriend has to sit on his face to have herself licked to orgasm.

The procedure reaches its climax when Mistress Silvia supplies him with a face mask on which a penis top is attached.

He has to lie backwards on the rack and his legs are fixed to the tackle so that he has to offer his butt for use again. His girlfriend has to sit on the rubber dick attached to his mask and ride it. While she fucks herself to orgasm once more, Mistress Silvia dilates the slave's rosette with her fingers until she can finally enter with her whole hand. With the fist up his ass and his girlfriend on his face, he is force-milked until his juice spatters on his belly.
After his girlfriend had to lick up the load of sperm, Mistress Silvia is finally satisfied.




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