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April 2006

Mistress Silvia deceitfully lures a curious acquaintance into her studio to let him experience first hand what’s going on there during the weekends: together with her two friends she celebrates a butchering ritual.

In preparation of his butchering, the guest is overpowered by the rubber butchers. While Mistress Silvia withdraws to change her dress, and one butcher explains the ritual’s course, the other busies herself with his zip and gets his dick out. To prevent the meat from tasting rotten, he has to spray off one last time.

Now, an unrestrained orgy of sexual excesses starts. The butchers greedily suck his dick and let themselves be fucked willingly. But then the butchers turn the table and ride on him, rub their cunts and arses against his face and have themselves licked to orgasm. Finally they suck and rub his dick until he cannot hold back any longer and sprays his juice in a high arc.

Then Mistress Silvia reappears. She is now dressed in a rubber apron with a knife belt and rubber boots, too. She has a bolt thrower with her and drags the pig into the butcher’s shambles. The she puts the device to his forehead and fires.

The man falls to the side; he is now butchered and hanged head down to bleed. While the blood is still forming a pool under him, Mistress Silvia reaches for his balls and picks the best parts that shall be consumed later.
The fresh meat is finally solemnly served to the ladies.




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