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February 2006

Mistress Silvia has invited to a special dominatrix meeting. Together with her evil friends Lady Stella, Mistress Ryoko and Lady Kate she organizes a group training to which each brings one of her slaves. Lady Stella’s slave has to hold out as a doormat before the ladies are welcomed with champagne by house slave Nico.

After the guest slaves have been tied fast in the studio, Nico has to serve the ladies while they relish on small snacks for refreshment. On a leash underneath the table, he is used as an ashtray and as spittoon as well as lick and foot slave.

Then it is the slaves’s turn in the studio. They are tortured with gags, nipple clamps, whips and dildos and presented by their mistresses. It is especially hard for Lady Stella’s slave who is hard and mercilessly screwed into the ground by her with a strapped-on dildo until he whimpers for mercy. Inbetween, the house slave has to serve Lady Kate as toilet.

Finally all slaves are chained down lying next to each other and the dominatrices torture them with their pointed heels, trample around on the slaves’s bodies with their whole weight, sit down with their divine backsides on their faces and finally milk the slaves’s dicks.

Visibly satisfied the cruel mistresses let go of their maltreated and completely drained slaves.




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