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January 2006

This time, Mistress Silvia brings the buxom Betty to heel. Tied up in a boot, she is brought to a remote site where she has to undergo an extreme anal dilating with help of the slave Nico. Mistress Silvia motivates the butt slut with well-aimed cane beats to increased reception.

The different dilation instruments are ready at hand to prepare Betty for her butt fuck slut training. One after another, Mistress Silvia forces bigger and bigger butt-plugs and dildos into Betty’s rosetta.
Weights are attached to her labia, and with a pumped-up plug in her butt she has to creep after Mistress Silvia, when she uses her slave Nico as a toilet.

Finally, Betty is bridled, gets a bit between her teeth and is fucked into her butt with a giant rubber dick by Mistress and therewith thoroughly broken in. Betty’s scream die away unheard and the slave Nico has to lick her dilated butt hole clean after Mistress Silvia has let go of her.

Nico gets a lesson as well and has to jerk his cock under the severe looks of his Mistress, who tortures his nipples in a mean manner, and to deliver his slave’s sacrifice at her command.




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