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December 2005

The RUBBER DOLLS are transformed into meekly rubber objects by Mistress Silvia and Lady Stella. Latex and excessive lick, suck and swallow training are on the agenda. The openings of the masked and force-corseted high heel rubber dolls are made receptive with inflatable gags and anal plugs. Then the two ladies arm themselves with strap-on dildos…
Merciless they push their rubber dicks into the rubber doll’s holes. One of the rubber dolls is even stuffed simultaneously by both mistresses from the front and the behind. Alternating she has to lick the dicks that stuck in her butt before. Relentlessly the fuck slut is fucked into her mouth and butt until she whines for mercy. The other rubber doll has to undergo comprehensive suck training.
The sucking mouth is prepared with an inflatable gag until Mistress Silvia’s fist nearly fits into it.
An exercise on a rubber dick follows, and finally she is made sucking the other rubber objects’ dick, jerk off and be splashed upon her rubber tits.




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