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November 2005

Two female patients are brought by Dr. Silvia’s clinic guards for the obligatory check-up. While one has to undergo a comprehensive vaginal dilation on the gyn chair, the other one is put into mask and straitjacket to make her follow the procedure attentively and hinder her from masturbating secretly. But Dr. Silvia notes a male patient who as a peeping Tom is turned on by her strict treatment. He is immediately lead to punishment by the guards at her command.

The examination of the sex-driven rubber-patient is shortly interrupted and the peeping Tom receives a tight ball bondage followed by a crop punishment. Additionally he has to undergo an electro-torture.
Afterwards Dr. Silvia proceeds with her dilation-treatment. Finally, also the rubber-patient’s clit is pumped firm by a vacuum pump.
It is group therapy next door. On Dr. Silvia’s order, another patient who is permanently kept in a cage in her clinic has to do intensive lick- and swallow-exercises.
After Dr. Silvia has administered her golden shower to the patient in straitjacket, the patient has to empty her bladder straight into the mouth of the cage-patient. She splashes her pee into his face in a high arc.
Finally the dilation-patient is driven to a controlled orgasm under the vehement thrusts of Dr. Silvia’s strapped-on dildo. Until the next series of tests she has to be kept chaste.




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