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September 2005

In Pony Training Mistress Silvia’s pony-mare and her pony-stud will be brought into line. Sweaty jog trot, riding, anal-training, nipple-torture, fucking the mare with a dildo-harness, beating with a bull-whip and forced milking are on the plan.
While Mistress Silvia trains her pony-mare Gloria by the lunge, her pony-boy remembers a dressage, through which he was used by her as a butt-plugged horse before she milked him and put him into a chastity belt. Jerked away from his dreams he has to fuck Gloria with the dildo harness and lick her out afterwards. Both are allowed to enjoy their lust only under control and in pain. After he has had to suffer a beating with the bull-whip, he has to carry his Mistress home in her sulky and may totally exhausted lay down then in the straw.




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