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July 2005

In "Clinic Berlin" three patients will be uncompromisingly fixed up. Within a psycho-therapy the first patient is sodomized by Dr. Silvia before he is made to suck her rubber cock. She deep-throats him to the point of throwing up. Thereafter she has to take care of the next case. Its a vacuum-latex-therapy with extreme breath-control. Nurse N. Emma is assisting Dr. Silvia and eases the patient while he is gasping with severe panic beneath the latex sheets. After he trustfully only breathes when hes allowed to, he has to pass another obedience-test. Nurse N. Emma floods the vacuum-bed with her golden shower and forces him to lick it clean. With some pressure and a little caressing hes able to fulfill her requirements. Next a long-term-patient is brought in for some medical experiments. Just in case hes gagged and strapped into a latex strait jacket. Catheter and enema will empty his bladder and bowels before fisting and giving him electro-shocks. Finally he is being milked, and the doctors enjoy their medical success.




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